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Step Up Revolution: Movie Review

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Step Up Revolution is the 4th installment of the “Step Up” franchise and is in 3D, like its precedor. It is a dance movie through and through. The lead stars do the “dance” part of the movie brilliantly, if not the acting.  The male lead is played by Ryan Guzma, going by the name of Sean, who is a waiter at a swanky hotel and the female lead is played by Kathryn McCormick, who plays Emily, the rebellious daughter of a billionaire.
The story starts with a motley crew of dancers assembling to pull off a flash mob in the middle of a busy street. The crew goes by the name “The Mob”. The leads meet each other at a party and wow each other with their dance moves. One invitation later, Emily is a part of “The Mob”. One fine day, a notice of eviction is sent to the area where the crew lives and the group protests it by dancing their way to fame, spearheaded by the new-comer Emily. This group pulls off elaborate flash mob processions at hard-to-believe places such as an art gallery, a construction site and a busy business complex leaving behind a memento with the name “The Mob” engraved on it. They upload the videos of these “expiditions” and battle it out in a competition that rewards the first group to reach 10 million views with a cash prize.
Five minutes into the movie, you can tell exactly how the rest of it pans out. The dance scenes are out of this world but at the cost of a story line. Throughout the movie one wonders where did they get the money to pay for all the elaborate equipment. The actors have not much to do other than display their dance skills, which they do fabulously! Apart from Sean and Emily, there’s no storyline for any of the members in the group.
To give the movie its due credits, the 3D is quite appealing to watch. The choreography by Jamal Sims is a feast for the eyes. If you can turn off your brain for a while, this movie is not too bad. Plus it’s only 99 minutes and the dance sequences that pepper the flick make you want to stand up and start dancing. Watch only for the dance sequences, otherwise worth a miss.
Rating: 2.5/5

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