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Icing On The Cake @ Traffic Park, Nagpur

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Uptill a few years ago, when one craved something sweet and chocolaty, they wouldn’t have much variety in terms of places to go to. Slowly, new bakeries offering pastries and non-desi delicacies are popping up here and there. Icing on the cake is one such promising restaurant that has started just recently.
Ambience (7.5/10):
Located near traffic park, this place has neighbours such as Yoko Sizzlers and Naturals Spa. Not a very huge place but can comfortably seat one or two groups of 8 people as it has another level for seating. The interiors are extremely basic, glass walls on the ground floor, plain white walls on the 1st floor. Simple tables and chairs made of wood. The interior is not at all eye-catching but all the glass gives it a clean look.
Service (8/10):
The service is fast but that is because it’s a small place with tables nearby and not all the tables are occupied at once. Till the time this place becomes popular, the service should not be a problem.
Cakes and Food (9/10):
For years I have felt the lack of a good place in Nagpur that serves its cakes and pasties as art. Icing on the cake does just that! The pastries here are good enough to rival with the exquisite pastries we sample when we go to metros. When in doubt, go for delicacies such as “Black forest cake in basket” or the “Coffee Toffee Mousse”. If chocolate and coffee are not your thing then, the Red Velvet pastry, with its red coloured insides and creamy white topping is a wonderful treat! 
The food is not as remarkable as the pastries are. The puffs, croissants and breads are okay-okay. This place offers the regular i.e Pizza, Pasta, Chinese and Eggs. This joint only serves eggs which are available before 6:00 PM. The Pasta Arrabiata is ordinary and the Alfredo version again is just average. The pizzas are thin crusted and taste good, but the cheese on it feels too sticky to be real cheese. Kudos for the menu though, it has a few exotic looking items that would make anyone curious.
Beverages (7/10):
You can get different types of shakes and chillers here. They also serve a few kinds of coffees and much to the delight of health conscious people, they serve green tea too! Though beverages are not their forte, the variety is commendable.
Pricing (8/10):
This place is a tad expensive, with one pastry costing roughly Rs. 55 but the pieces are huge and fresh. Quantity of the food is also satisfactory. All in all, one gets what they pay for.
If you are a fan of cakes and appreciate presentation of food, you will love this place. You can sit peacefully with one muffin and no one will hover around expecting you to leave. Be prepared to bump into someone you know, as this place has Nagpur’s best chocolate chip muffins. Perfect for the day you are craving to indulge your senses in a deluge of sweetness! 

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