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Tiffin @ Traffic Park, Nagpur

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When the busy traffic park bustles with families taking their children to enjoy their evening out and youngsters flock the nearby ‘thellas’ or eateries to grab a bite, Tiffin sits quietly in a building that looks like someone’s house. When you enter, the “old-house” feeling still doesn’t go away. Bright interiors and a quiet atmosphere are two words that describe this new eatery that serves only South-Indian food
Ambience (7/10):
Something about this place screams “someone’s haveli”. The interiors have been done to keep up with modern times but the high ceiling gives a timeworn look. Not everyone will find these interiors tolerable. The walls are painted in bright red and mustard yellow which give it a very authentic look. The décor is minimalistic with a few paintings covering the walls a few pots hanging from the ceiling. The glasses also have a groovy pattern to compliment the interiors.
Service (5.5/10):
A new place should compensate for all other factors by providing good service atleast. Tiffin disappoints with its staff. The waiters are not well trained in communication and despite the place being empty, they keep pressing customers to pay the bill by hovering. Big minus point.
Food (8/10):
If not anything else, at least the food is brilliant! Unlike most places, Tiffin’s Sambar is not at all pungent. It offers the usual things you’d find at a South-Indian joint. While the Dosas are okay, the Idli here is wonderfully fluffy and tasty! For lovers of spicy food, try the Mysore Dosa. It is guaranteed to have you slurring and slurping water down in no time! This place offers unique concoctions such as Tamrind/Curd rice and Malgapodi Idli, which is a dish of 16 small idlis together with Ghee and Masala on it.
Beverages (5/10):
Try the beverages only if you are a Tea-drinker. The cold coffee is average and the filter coffee tastes bad. For your caffeine fix, a cold drink would be the best bet here.
Where the service and ambience are deal breakers, the fact that this place retains a calm vibe about it, is its saving grace. Tiffin also has a distinct taste, which is good and also provides a change from the regular flavour of South-Indian food in Nagpur. If bright surroundings don’t faze you out then this place is worth sampling, once.

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