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Preet's Corn Hub @ Dharampeth, Nagpur

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Preet’s Corn Hub, located opposite the Times Of India office has always been a joint that attracts a lot of youngsters. Tucked away between shops, this place is the best joint to go to when you're craving snacks, with corn being the speciality of the house. Almost every dish is centred around  “sweet corn”. This place even offers Corn Samosas!
Ambience (6.5/10):
Considering the space, the restaurant’s seating arrangement is quite good. There is one air-conditioned room that seats 4 tables and the rest tables are open-air, facing the bustling road of Dharampeth. The air-conditioned room is good to sit at but most of the time the tables are occupied (for obvious reasons). The only problem with the open air seating is, as it turns dark, a lot of insects come down to share your meal with you because of the lights nearby.
Service (7.5/10):
The waiters are quick to take order and serve it too. Also, if the order goes bad, they take it back and correct it without complaining. Slightly erratic with a few things but if given proper instructions they follow them. Only problem is when you are sitting in the air-conditioned room, they just disappear and take a lot of time to come back.
Food (8/10):
Before you visit this place, you should be aware that this is not a restaurant; this is a fast-food joint. All the preparations contain corn and cheese so if you not fond of either, then this is not the place for you. The food is quite good! Though the menu contains primarily burgers, pizzas and Chinese, there are few dishes that contain Indian flavour such as “Corn Tadka with Cheese”, “Corn Samosa” and “Corn Pav Bhaji” which are all good. The best things to eat when visiting this place are “Italian Pasta” which is white pasta and “Corn Crispy” which is crispy veg with corn instead of vegetables.
Shakes and Juice (5/10):
The juices are fine but the shakes are worth giving a miss.
Pricing (9/10):
The prices are quite cheap! Very student friendly and the quantity is also fine. The highest priced dish is for Rs. 230 but the average dish will only cost your around Rs. 75-70.  If you manage to get the a/c room, then every penny spent feels "worth it"!
If you are with friends and want a cheap place to eat fast food, this is the perfect place. No-nonsense decor means that you are not charged unreasonable amounts. The only problem is that cars will have a problem finding space to park with the police taking erratic parking very seriously. There are a lot of people waiting for tables, especially after 7:30 PM. So, if you want to indulge in cheesy food without shelling out too much, then this joint is one of the best options in Nagpur.
Address: 226, Vijaya Bhavan, Opposite Brands Factory, West High Court Road, Gokulpeth, Nagpur, MH 440010
Contact No.: 098 22 219377



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