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Fionaa @ Dharampeth, Nagpur

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Fionaa, a lounge and restaurant that started in late 2009 gave Nagpur an exquisite place to dine and party. It was among the pioneers of the new-age restaurants that we see growing by numbers nowadays with flashy lights and elegant decor. Fionaa is located at the centre of the assiduous road of Dharampeth, surrounded by top-notch shops on all sides. Since the road is extremely busy and narrow, parking becomes an issue.

Fionaa or Fiona, means “white” or “fair” which perfectly describes the interiors of; white couches, white walls and white floor. There are two separate sections for the Restaurant and the Lounge. The Restaurant is quiet with soft instrumental music playing in the background and dim lighting, whereas the Lounge is where the party people go.

Ambience: (9.5/10)

The Lounge: The plush white sofas and neon shining lights is a visual treat for every party lover. Upon entering the lounge, you are greeted with the “God-father chair” a huge white chair that just beckons you to sit on it and let the cameras click away! A bar emitting lights of various shades and hues greets one to the lounge area. The lounge has seating for small groups and big full length couches to seat a large party too. This is the best place to be when you are feeling like dancing the night away, with the DJ playing a good mix of English and Hindi songs. The food is the same as the restaurant.

The Restaurant: A feeling of calm engulfs you when you enter the restaurant area. Serene, white and blue interiors with soft white lights, create a wonderfully relaxing environment. There is also a t.v. placed in the middle of the restaurant, which is helpful for those who do not want to miss supporting their favourite team when out for lunch. It can seat both small and big groups and the black couches are a pleasure to sit on!

Service: (8/10)

Fionaa is among the few places in Nagpur that serves well even on weekends. The staff is polite and the food is served without a lot of waiting time. The food is replaced immediately, minus the customary “chik chik” .

Food: (7/10)

If only the food here was as mind-blowing as the place itself. The Indian fare is good but is nothing extra special, with the "Kadhai Chicken" being average. The Chinese always has a peculiar “oily” smell, so stay away from the "Crispy Veg" and Noodles if you cannot tolerate oily food. The Italian dishes win the show, with its creamy Pasta, wonderfully soft Lasagne and exquisite rice preparations such as “Herb Rice” are enough to send your taste-buds in a state of bliss. For days when you just want a meal to yourself, you can order the “Platter” meal, with small portions of appetisers, snacks, main course, drink and dessert.
Fionaa serves International and Domestic brands of all spirits. The prices are a little steep.

Pricing: (8/10)

This restaurant is priced reasonably, which does not mean that it is cheap, it means that you pay for what you get. It is indeed an expensive place to dine at but all through the experience you would never feel robbed of your money.

Verdict: (8/10)

If you enjoy frugal meals that come dirt-cheap, then Fionaa is not the place to go. It is the perfect place to spend a little time, sit and enjoy the ambience with a group of friends, or dance your heart out at the lounge, or enjoy a small family lunch/dinnerat the restaurant with soft music playing the background. On weekdays it attracts a lot of youth. Ambience and Music is their USP, so if you’re in the mood to spend to enjoy those, Fionaa should be at the top of your list! Address: 209,Dharampeth Towers, 3rd Floor, W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur-10 Phone No.:098 22 014555, 098 22 384444

White Ambience

The interiors of the restaurant and lounge are purely white, with accents of few colours.





The fun side of Fionaa.




Address: 209,Dharampeth Towers, 3rd Floor, W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth,Nagpur-10

Phone No.: 098 22 014555 , 098 22 384444

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