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Dosa Plaza — 'The world's widest menu in Dosas'

Dosa Plaza, Nagpur is one of the prominent restaurants which serves exclusively and one may say exotic south Indian cuisines. Enticing the taste buds of millions, Dosa Plaza has the world's widest menu in dosa's with delightful varieties (104 exotic varieties of fusion dosas) which includes 27 trademarked dosas. The brand has more than 12 years of expertise in serving delicious and yummy 104 types of dosas. Dosa Plaza is a one stop destination serving the maximum menus. A family-styled l00% vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant serving a wide variety of menu that includes South Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Indian Cuisine and a variety of Juices, Mocktails and Ice creams. Combinations like value meals and kids value meal, along with the varied platter offer a wonderful choice of yummy & delicious .

Dosa Plaza, founded by Mr. T. Ganapathy in 1998 operates through both Franchise model and company owned outlets. Dosa Plaza in a short time since the inception of its brand has become very well known in India for locals and tourists from Overseas. With its unique and winning combination of most popular cuisine in India and customer expectations Dosa Plaza is becoming the fastest growing food chain. Dosa Plaza has its outlets not only in major Indian cities but also in Dubai & New Zealand.

The Vibe

Dosa Plaza is all about the personal touch when it comes to Indian Fast Food. The combination of Spices, Vegetables and Coconut awakens the senses of the rich Indian Culture and its Beautiful Landscape. They delivers a wide range of sumptuous dishes with loyal patrons coining back for its hot, tasty and fresh products served in a friendly and clean environment.

The Food

The culinary skills of Dosa Plaza brand's cuisine are certainly commendable as every dish expertly marries the different flavors of Southern India harmoniously, resulting in a selection of pure titillating pleasures for the taste buds. A home for exotic varieties of traditional and fusion dishes, widely appreciated for fresh approach to this traditional homely food, using freshest of ingredients its menus include vegetables, rice, dairy products, potatoes, wheat etc. ingredients for good nutritious food for a healthy diet. Each mouthful comprises just about every tactile sense and taste at once: sweet, hot, soft, crunchy, raw, cooked, soothing and stirring. Eat it immediately to appreciate the sharp contrasts. 

The dishes served at Dosa Plaza reflect a greater experimental nature that is short of anything predictable. The vegetarian snacks at Dosa Plaza Nagpur are made to be eaten quickly — Wide Variety of traditional and Fusion Dosas. The traditional menu includes Idli, Wada, Pongal, Upma, Healthy Uttappas, traditional rice and also offers dosas and accompaniments for Jain customers. The variety of menu at dosa plaza is very unique; the tastes include Oriental, Continental, Mexican and Indian.

Also on the menu is the Chinese cuisine, delivering a wide range of dishes which includes soups and starters with loyal patrons coming back for its hot, tasty and fresh products served in a friendly and clean environment. The food menu includes vegetarian dishes with a wide selection of starters along with Soups, sizzlers, Variety of rice, Noodles. & Pav Bhaji.

Keeping with the growing demand for health food and ever increasing health conscious customer base, Dosa Plaza has capitalized on introducing au energizing concept of serving of Iced Tea, fruit milkshakes and a combination of innovative mock tails using the freshest of ingredients. Best variety of Mocktails is all port of the menu.

The Ambience

Dosa Plaza is an air conditioned restaurant with bright and colorful ambiance. The interiors give a warm and friendly feel with music and clean environment. It replenishes tranquil and furnishes entertaining ambiance to sit, eat and enjoy with friends and family. Set in the middle of the city in Tilak Nagar, and done up in cheerful and light-hearted colors and design, it is a place which relaxes you as soon as you walk in. The extensive menu, the courteous staff and the warm service- all combine to make it an experience which is unforgetable.

"Enjoy the taste of traditional homely food, Healthy and Light, Magical and Sensuous"

Beyond all adventures- of discovering new places, meeting new people or doing new things, the greatest adventure a person can find is the one which takes place with his taste buds!


Dosa Plaza Nagpur is located at :
Shop #1-2 Thakur Appt, Amravati Road, Tilak Nagar, Near Ravinagar Sqr, Nagpur, India 440010
Phone: 0712 - 2524884

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