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Ganesh Mandir Tekdi @ Nagpur

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Idol Of Lord Ganesh
Nagpur is a city rich with many ancient and famous temples, some dating upto 300 years. These temples attract a large number of devotees who gather to offer a prayer especially on festivals. One name that comes rushing to one's mind when talking about Nagpur is "Ganesh Mandir Tekdi". Located at station road, this temple is a haven for devotees of Lord Ganesh. It is named "Ganesh Tekdi" because of its location, up a hill and tekdi means hill in Marathi. 
Ganesh Tekdi Mandir is believe to be about 250 years old. The temple started out with being an ordinary tin shed with the idol. In the 1970s, the army took possession of this structure and improved it but the main change came in 1978. The construction of the temple was taken up as a big project and devotees donated generously to help the process. The present-day structure got shape in 1984.It was accomplished by the late Shri Ganpatrao Joshi and a few other devotees. As time passed by, it was realised that the temple premises could not accommodate the large number of devotees. The trustees of the temple appealed to the Defence Ministry which helped them acquire 20,000 sq. ft. more of the land.
The Temple:
Ganesh Tekdi Mandir has a very strong following in the city and is believed to attract 5,000 visitors daily. The monthly amount collected through donations provided by the devotees is believed to be up to 12-15 Lakhs.The temple welcomes devotees uptill 12:00 PM. The waving of a lamp "Aarti" is done 4 times a day and a sweet called "Modaka" is distributed as a divine gift.
The Idol of The Lord is said to be self-existent. It is said that the idol was not as big, it was quite small but it grew with the passage of time. It is decorated with gold and silver ornaments as well as flowers. On special occasions like "Ganesh Chaturthi" and "Ekadashi", the devotees get a chance to witness the idol wearing a crown.
The worshippers believe that this temple is Jagruta (awake) Devasthan, so it is crowded at all times, from morning till midnight. The temple has taken up the task of beautifying the surrounding of the temple by installing a fountain, lawn and creating a parking spot.The temple has also proposed an old-age home on the donated land and has a "Gaushala", where homeless cattle are provided shelter and care, as cow is a sacred animal in Hindu mythology.
Contact Details:
Address: Station Road, Sitabuldi, Nagpur- 440012
Phone No: 0712-2020353
Email ID: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.ganeshmandirtekdi.org

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