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Itwari is a brand in itself - a name synonymous with business, tradition and shopping for Nagpurians. Very aptly referred as the old Nagpur, you’ll find numerous things here which you might not find elsewhere. Continuing this exploring Nagpur city series, we bring to you - ‘Itwari exclusive

Look out for

Shahid Chowk: What’s special about this place is the revolution that began here - the Vidarbha andolan which started from this square in 1972, and left a symbol in the form of Chandika who stands there!

Tanga stand: The tanga stand of Itwari is the only place where you’ll find all the band baja, the best horses for the dulhas, and the horse chariots.

Marbat: The festival of ‘Marbat is exclusive to Nagpur city and specifically to Itwari and Mahal, the Pili Marbat temple is also situated in Itwari.

Bangali babu: Yummy, tasty and scrumptous sandwiches of Itwari are very well known, but the ones that Bengali babu makes are an unforgettable treat to your taste buds. His bicycle is his Sandwich corner and he stands in a secluded nukkad. The jam around him for his sandwiches can’t be missed.

Aasu Halwai: What’s there in a name?  Well I don’t know that, but I surely want to tell you what’s there in the signboard - if you see it from right you find it written in Urdu, from the left the name is written in English and from the centre it’s in Hindi, and this shop is supposed to be one of the oldest food joints in town, and the board is as old as the restaurant!

Medicine market: All the medicines that we buy are initially stocked in the biggest medicine market of the city; no points for guessing it is in Itwari Gandhibag. 

Itwari railway station: The second railway station for Santra Nagri is the Itwari railway station, with a narrow guage track called as the chhoti line.

Namak Ganj Masjid: If you missed your namaz prayer, then this is the place you should rush to, because this masjid is known to be the last in the city to pray!

Dabeli wala: Well there can be nothing exclusive about a dabeli vendor, except if he has been in news for his taste often and offers a special chat cone. So if you are in Itwari and shopping then he is a must visit.

Satta aka matka:- The bookies know how important Itwari is - the biggest lottery bazaar lies in the lanes of itwari, this adda sees bookies coming and going for every reason and occasion.

Why Itwari?

Itwari may not be a hot spot, may not be the perfect place to live, nothing to hang around since it is purely a commercial area with nothing at all happening, yet it is the busiest city area; the costliest in terms of real estate, generates maximum business, and witnesses maximum traffic in the city. If you are thinking of good reasons and occasions to be here, well there are several.

Marriage: Come marriage season and Itwari is overcrowded. It isn’t just clothes, but everything right from the printing of mariage cards, to gifts, to band baaje; whatever is essential for weddings can be found here.

New House: If it is a new house you are shifting into, or getting your interiors done, or setting a new kitchen, then everything from curtains to linens, and utensils to crockery compels you to visit Itwari for the best.

Building a House: If you are a builder, or building a new house for yourself, then the entire hardware, sanitary and building material comes from here, and it is also advisable that if you need quality and quantity at the best of prices - then visit Itwari.

Festivals: If you think it is some particular occasion when Itwari becomes busy, you are wrong because Itwari is busy on all kinds of festivals. During major festivals like Diwali, Holi, Sankrant, Eid et all, you would hardly find a place to walk freely. And if you wish to drown in the fever of festivity, just visit Itwari a day or two before a festival.

Retail Shop: The entire retail business of the city is dependent on the wholesale market of Itwari. Anything and everything - branded or local, imported or desi is sold in bulk here.

Economic Shopping: If you know the right places, then there is no better place to shop than Itwari. Whether it’s a single item or bulk, the best and the latest could be in your wardrobe even before it’s in the city stores and at a very low price!

The Historic Connect

The existence of this area dates back to the existence of Nagpur city. It is named after the last, much-awaited day of the week Itwar (Sunday) because the weekly market used to be set here on Sundays. Not only has Itwari ruled Nagpur city’s business scene for decades, it is also strongly connected to the customs, traditions and the feel of Nagpur.

The puliya-ke-us-paar waala Nagpur has a distinctive flavour of its own. The oldest of the temples and the biggest of markets are all situated here. The Jain temple and the Jagannath temple - the oldest temples of the city - The latter has an entire locality name after it called - Jagannath Budhwari.

The old and almost forgotten cycle rickshaws, and bullock carts extinct form the new, fastly developing Nagpur can still be seen around here. And so can be found the best and the latest sedans. 

The Business Den

When people started settling down in Nagpur, they chose this area as the prime place to start with their business. Hence this area is dominated with old style of business, with a touch of tradition to it. There is nothing that you cannot find here.

The area is subdivided into smaller areas and named after the prime occupation of the people there. For instance, the lane where Hardware shops are predominant is Loha Oli, the lane for threads is called Resham oli,  For utensils is called Bartan oli, and so on.

Then there is Sarafa Bazar - all the Gold Souk, the pioneers in jewellery have their main branches in this area. so be it Parekh Jewellers or some of the other most sought after names in this business are present here.

The biggest and the oldest cloth market, the biggest vegetable market , hardware, sanitary, paints, grocery - you name it and its here. Probably the highest revenue that is being generated in Nagpur is through the business in this area.

Be it potters, goldsmith, sculptors, painters all of them have a significant presence here. Itwari is one place that keeps the roots intact of our fast growing and upcoming metro city.



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