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Buldi - Fashion Street of Nagpur

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Think of street shopping and Buldi is the place that you are reminded of!  

The Heart of Nagpur city, Sitabuldi is always buzzing with vigour and zeal. It is the most pocket friendly destination to shop the latest, the trendiest and the most fashionable accessories, clothes, shoes and everything & anything that a young gal or guy would want

Be it shopping or window shopping, wandering on the streets or stepping into the posh shopping mall, munching on chana chor garam, biting a yummy vada pav or sipping on the nutritious juices, be it serious business or no business at all - Buldi is the place to be.

The historic & futuristic, Buldi is the fort of the Gond kings and the favourite adda of the tech savvy Gen Y. Amongst the list of the hottest destination in town, Buldi surely steals the show because it has something for everyone and is undoubtedly no less than the buzzing shopping street of the metros! 

Historically Speaking

This area is as old as the history of Nagpur city. Onnce it used to be the Fort of the kings and still holds traces of the pride & honour of the Gonds and the Bhonsle kings who developed the Nagpur city. Later on with commercialization, the buldi fort was replaced by buldi market which is always booming with business.

Developed as a market by old city business men, the major portion of it was held by the Butis and others. There are many old and known places situated here - be it a small shoe shop or the best & the oldest photo studio in town. The area is distributed by lanes or Modi No. 1,2,3 - which gives Buldi the peculiar style for which it is so famous. 

Nagpur's Apna Fashion Street

If we call buldi as the Fashion Street of Nagpur, it is quite essential we know what’s best here that should be bought and which are all the best places. Here is a guide for all the shopaholics who love street shopping:

Bags: Trendy bags of all types, all shapes and size lie in a heap on the street. If you are talented enough, you can get a wonderful bag which would otherwise cost some thousand bucks in some mall, for merely a few hundred rupees. Look alikes of major brands are also very common.

Kurtis and T-shirts: Tees that are high on fashion and kurtis that would catch any girls eye, are all displayed on the streets. Very close to the parking area, there are several good shops that are always uptodate with the latest stock and serve as a good pick many times.

Lowers: There is no better place to get good lowers than Buldi. A lot of hawkers know the likings of many people who come here and keep their stocks accordingly.

Fancy Footwear: If you can compromise on the quality and wish to have smart looking heels and shoes, you get the best of the deals here. Especially women have a wide variety to make their choices from. There are some good shops also that can assure you on quality of the footwear you pick.

Trendy accessories: Earrings of the shape of chappal, metal bangles square in shape, the trendiest accessories that are high on fashion - are an all time pick here. In short buldi is the place for accessories that are pocket friendly yet look great.

Winter shopping: The Tibetan shops started from a footpath near Maharajbagh and every year they increased in number & places. Now they own an entire market and have ads being flashed on the local channels. They give some really good winter wear. well in competition with some quality brands. The shawls and stoles that they have are a rare find.

Things to do

There is so miuch to be done when in Buldi. For few it’s the ultimate shopping destination, for others it is yet another city spot which is alive all the time. People have different ideas about what is the best thing about Buldi, or their special reason to be in this generally crowded and jammed city area. Here are just few great reasons to be in this hot & very Happening area.

Fashionista: Fashion clothing and accessories is the first thing that pops up in mind when we talk about Buldi and street shopping. There are few major brands and big showrooms selling the most fashionable, latest and the trendiest of stuff in town. In case if you are in mood of shopping but wish to check what’s high on ramp this season, then again Buldi is a must visit.

Handlooms: There are a few handloom stores here, which exhibit the best quality khadi and other handloom material. From linen to sarees to shirts everything and anything in handloom is present here. You might find them high on price but they are worth it.

The Vada Pav zone: If you are on a shopping spree and don’t munch on this famous, Nagpur ka special Vada pav - your shopping experience is a waste! It is a treat to your taste buds and the open area around the shop makes eating here a relishing experience.

Festive Fervor: Come Diwali or Holi, people throng Buldi as devotees throng temples. Right from clothing to gifts to every little thing required for a festival is available here. So during the festive season, this street is witness to a sea of people coming here for one or the other reason.

Brands and Beyond:  Buldi is complete in every sense. It is not just great for street shopping but also for high end quality brands which are also very much a part of this area. With shops like Gaysons, Mens Bazar and Eternity Mall around, there is surely something for everyone here.

Malls and more: The Eternity Mall is very much in the heart of the city, and witnesses quite a considerable number of walk ins daily. Be it shopping, or a celebrity visiting Nagpur, or a contest - this Mall knows how to be in news! Cinemax is also treat for movie buffs of Orange city.

Winter Shopping: The number of winter sales in buldi would anytime surpass the overall winter sale of the rest of Nagpur. Not just the Tibetan market, but the Oswal woollen clothing and Monte Carlo are also here. Be it gloves or sweat shirts, or the monkey cap - everything is available here.

Mobile market: The mobile market is good for sales and resale both. The lane near Shani Mandir have shops selling imported and branded mobile phones. They also buy and sell second hand phones.

Electronics for you: No competition with anything else - If you want the latest gadget at the cheapest price, or components for something you wish to make yourself, this market has it all! Everything from imported electronic items - DVD players to Play stations.

Gappe @ Pape:  Pape juice centre is a brand in itself; and for Nagpur’s young brigade, it needs no introduction. If at 1 in the night, you feel like having a refreshing glass of fruit juice with your best buddies, you know where to go!

The Missing Factor


Inspite of being so perfect, still there is something here that holds a huge chunk of people from coming here. The niche avoid the street market, the youngsters prefer brands and most importantly it is the congestion & the crowd which keeps people from coming.

For many Buldi would be great if only few things are taken care:

Traffic management: Although the main street is declared as a one way, even then it is very difficult to drive here. May be nagpurians have lost traffic and parking sense that causes problems, but we require a perfect and a up to date Traffic management plan to get rid of the traffic jams and have a smooth traffic flow.

Declare the street as No vehicle zone: When we quizzed a score of people, one suggestion was very common: can we have the NMC declare this street as a no vehicle street? You just have to park your vehicles and walk through the market - that would make things simpler and help get rid of all the traffic woes.

A bit organised: Traffic is not the only problem here. We also need a well distributed and organised market rather than the overloaded and mismanaged place. A completely different area for clothes, one for bags and so on, so that the place looks a organised and we are spared of the unnecessary traffics that blocks the area throughout the year. Especially the Sunday market should be organised enough.

Valet parking:  Although Buldi has one huge area declared as a parking zone, but the most difficult part is to cross half the street and enter the already overcrowded lane which leads to the parking. Either get us a better parking or change the route to the already existing parking.

More eateries: Shopping without munching on good food is like wasting the beautiful shopping time. But when you do not get quality food joints around, you do have to sacrifice on this. The Vada Pav wala near Apna Bazar takes all the food lovers attention but still ye dil Mannge more! 



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