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Coffee Joints In Nagpur(With Ratings)

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As a youngster in the city of Nagpur, the best way to spend a Sunday is out with friends catching up on all the latest gossip, news and having fun over a cup of coffee. With the passing of each day, the city is becoming home to "another" new cafe. This article should help you decide which cafe to pick depending on factors such as you wish to spend a lot of time hanging out or just want a quick shot of caffine to wake you up, if you want a place where you can munch or you want to catch some free wifi and finish your pending work.
The following cafe joints would be graded on the basis of the following parameters:
Location, service, item availability, decor and price.
Cafe Coffee Day: Achraj Towers (4/5):
Location: The location is pretty easy to reach, with PC being a convenient spot to reach without getting lost. 
Service: The service is good, with minimum delays.
Item availability: Most of the items on the menu are available most of the times.
Price: Just like every other CCD, this one too is a little heavy on the pocket.
Ambiance: The usual CCD fare.
Veeraswami (4/5):
One of the most respected joints in Nagpur for South-Indian food.
Location: Located in the center of Sadar area, it is quite convenient to reach.
Service: The service is quick as lightning! Since there is a long waiting line for customers to eat, the food is dished out pretty fast.
Item availability: All the items on the menu are available.
Price: The price is decent enough as the portions are huge. Try the samosa if you want to understand this better.
Ambiance: The ambiance is just okay and there's no place to sit. You are expected to stand and eat. It is more convenient to get a parcel from here rather than eating in the restaurant itself.
Cafe Coffee Day: VCA (4/5):
Location: VCA being one of the hotspots of Nagpur, the location is convenient.
Service: The service is slow most of the times, specially on weekends when this place gets crowded.
Item availability: They tend to run out of certain food items.
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: This one has been renovated with swanky new interiors with a funny portraits hanging on the wall. Service is always a little slow and parking is never a problem.
Kamat Food Plaza (3/5):
Location: Located in the busy street of sadar, it is easy to reach but parking would be an issue after 12:00 PM.
Service: Service is good with  the exception of weekends.
Item availability: All the dishes on the menu are available. The south-indian food and coffee is good.
Price: The price of all the items are reasonable.
Ambiance: The ambience is extremely ordinary and the tables are very close together.
Coffee n u: Achraj Towers (3/5):
Location: It's located right next to Poonam Chambers,near Sadar. Not the most convenient location for most people but still in the city. Don't get a car if you want no struggle to park.
Service: The service is snail-paced with the waiter taking hours just to serve water.
Item availability: All the items stated in the menu are available most of the times.
Price: The prices are high, same as CCD but the good thing is that most items are worth it.
Ambiance: The ambience is fun and lively, with shelves of books, bean bags for bigger groups and a wifi zone.
Checkers (4/5):
Location: Sitauted in the sadar area, next to VCA complex, this place is a convenient spot for almost all of nagpur. As the day sets, this joint attracts a lot of crowd.
Service: As  soon as the food is out of the kitchen, its on your table! The coffee and food are absolutely delicious.
Item availability: Most of the items listed on the menu are served.
Price: It's quite in-expensive and the food is very nice. Good for end-of-the-month days!
Ambiance: Not the place for you if you are thinking about buying one coffee and sitting for hours. The seating arrangement is slightly uncomfortable and the ambience is not very soothing.
Cafe Coffee Day: Empress Mall (4/5):
Location: Located just at the entrance of the mall, this is the standard coffee outlet.
Service: Service is slow on most days, with the exception of weekends, the crowd just speeds everything up!
Item availability: It is not frequented as often as the other CCD outlets in the city so food is always available.
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: One thing that distinguishes it from other CCD joints in the city is, its huge! So much more spacious than the rest of the branches.
Cafe Ville (2/5):
Location: This cafe joint has the priveledge of being located at one of the most picturesque spots in the city, right opposite the Futala lake. If you are looking for a place you can sit at and enjoy a breezy day, this is it!
Service: Service is decent for the lower floor but if you sit on the 1st floor open-roof area, make sure you have a lot of time on hand.
Item availability: Most coffees are  available.
Price: The price is quite high, just like all the joints at futala. The sandwiches are not good.
Ambiance: The cafe is situated right opposite the lake with the ground floor being an air-conditioned room and the 1st floor is an open-air area where you can enjoy the view of the lake. Parking would not be an issue.
Reddy's Gokul Brindavan (5/5):
Location: Reddy's Gokul Brindavan is located at a convenient spot in the dharampeth area.
Service: The service is fast as lightning! Everything from the order taking to the dish being served happens real fast! On a sunday though, be ready to wait for a while.
Item availability: The menu serves limited items with most being available minus a few things. This place always runs out of cold cofffee.
Price: The price is easy on the pocket.
Ambiance: The decor is simple and no-nonsense and the seating is ample for the ever-flowing crowd. You will be given a bill as soon as you finish eating. Not a place where you can chill but makes up for it with its food.
Cafe Coffee Day: Law College (4/5):
Location: This CCD outlet is located at the easy-to-reach law college square, one of the most frequented places by the youth of the city.
Service: The service is always good as it's a small place with not many tables. The regular staff is very helpful.
Item availability: This outlet is always running out of food or ice!
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: The standard decor. Tables are very close to each other as the place is quite small.
Cafe Coffee Day: LAD Square (3/5):
Location: This outlet, sitauted near LAD college is again a convenient option for areas surrounding Dharampeth and Shankar Nagar.
Service: Service is slow most of the times.
Item availability: Runs out of food at times.
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: The standard decor.
Beans And Buddies (3/5):
Location: An extremely easy place to reach, close to the areas of Ramdaspeth and Shankar Nagar.
Service: The service is slow as snails but it's a good thing if you have time to waste.
Item availability: Only few of the things listed are available. Be sure to check for uncooked food.
Price: The price is quite high considering neither the coffee or the food tastes that great.
Ambiance: The place has a nice and clean feel to it, with white and brown decor. The best thing though, is the free wifi!
The Chocolate Room (5/5):
Location: The chocolate room is at a close proximity to the youth spots of Traffic Park and Shankar Nagar.
Service: The service is medium-paced to slow. Never fast. Also, they forget to serve dips and accompniements sometimes.
Item availability: They run out of some hot chocolate items sometimes.
Price: Quite high! Higher than your average coffee shop rates.
Ambiance: Bright surroundings and comfortable furniture make this place enjoyable to visit. Is one of those places where you can sit and chat with your friends for hours. They have started offering wifi nowadays!
Vibrations (5/5):
Location: Vibrations is sitauted in the far off corner of IT Park, with software companies for neighbours.
Service: The service is decent to fast.
Item availability: Most of the things on the menu are served.
Price: Towards the expensive side but you won't feel like your being ripped off.
Ambiance: Vibrant, yound and loud, there is ample seating and the decor is extremely attractive. Parking is not an issue on most days.
Coffee n u: Gayatri Nagar (3/5):
Location: This is sitauted in the IT Park of Nagpur, making it quite a distance to travel for most people.
Service: As with the other branch of coffee n u in the city, the service of this joint is also really really slow.
Item availability: There's 70% chance you'll get what you ordered for.
Price: Same as other coffee n u outlets.
Ambiance: This place started out looking vibrant and exciting but with lack of maintainence you can spot dirt on the walls sometimes and if you're lucky, maybe even a spider.
Coffee n bites (1/5):
Location: Located near IT Park, this place is located near IT Park. Not a convenient place to reach.
Service: Service is slow, as there is only one person who takes care of the food and coffee. The coffee is horrible.
Item availability: The menu is very limited and things listed are hardly available.
Price: A cheap place.
Ambiance: The place has an abandoned look about it. Not at all worth visitng.
Cafe Coffee Day: Pratap Nagar (4/5):
Location: This CCD is located in the busy locality of Pratap Nagar, a bit of a drive for most parts of the city.
Service: The serivce is good. 
Item availability: All items are available always.
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: Standard CCD decor.
Cafe Coffee Day: Hingna (3/5):
Location: This CCD is located on the city outskirts on the Hingna road where the only customers are college students catching a quick coffee after college.
Service: The service is average to slow depending on the availability of staff.
Item availability: All type of coffee is avaiable but they tend to run out of food.
Price: Regular CCD price.
Ambiance: Standard CCD decor.

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