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KiranaShopee.com - online grocery shopping for busy Nagpurkars!

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Kirana Shopee Nagpur

Next time your spouse complains of you not doing enough 'ghar-ka-kaam' or not spending enough time with family, you can take help of KiranaShopee.com to save a lot of time on grocery shopping!

KiranaShopee.com is recently launched online platform for buying groceries online. Started by a group of software engineers, the website is fast gaining popularity among the busy Nagpurians. 

Pankaj Khobragade, Kirana Shopee Nagpur In a free wheeling chat with MH-31.com,  Mr Pankaj Khobragade, founder KiranaShopee.com,  shares as to why he ventured into online shopping & growth plans for KiranaShopee. 

· What was the reason for you venturing into the online model ?

Now a days everybody is getting very busy! They are not able to find time to buy the groceries, they dont find time to spend with their family and kids.

For them, online shopping provides a good helping hand. Buying Groceries is something that everyone spends a lot of time, so I thought of providing a platform where everyone can visit, choose the items and order it online, so that they can save their time and money.

· How many products are currently available on website ? Have you added most of the products or is there further scope for addition?

We are currently having around 1000 products available and we are still adding them to the site. Adding and updating the data is continuous process which we will keep on doing.

· Are there any special offers/discounts to online shoppers ?

Yup, we are providing discounts to the shoppers, we keep changing / updating them regularly. You can always see the latest offers on the website. 

· Can a customer schedule a delivery at a particular day & time ?

Once a order is placed , our executive calls back to the customer to confirm the order. During the confirmation call, we also ask our customers about our delivery time, if it suits them.

If they are not okay with our given time, we change our time according to their needs.

· Is registration necessary to place an order? Are you also looking at Facebook login integration ?

No, Registration is not necessary to place an order, even a guest can place orders. Right now we have many other important things to add in our site, so facebook login integration is not on priority list for now.

· What are the methods of payment that a customer can avail of ?

Right now we are only supporting Cash On Delivery.

· Any plans to accept online payments in the future ?

Yes, we are in the process of doing that integration. 

· How has been the response so far?

Response is not bad so far, we have just started (10th Jan 2012) and we have started getting orders. We need to focus a lot on the marketting stuff. 

· What kind of marketing are you doing / planning to do ?

we are doing marketing though mails and planning to put banners on the streets.

· How big is the team? How many work on the technical aspects & on the delivery process?

I have a team of 7 people.  Three are on the technical side and  four on the delivery/marketing front.

· What have been the major challenges that you faced (or any challenges you foresee in near future) ?

:-) there are challenges! We have less internet users in Nagpur compared to other cities like pune, delhi, etc. So we need to see how we can reach out to maximum of these users.

· What are the long term plans for KiranaShopee.com ? Where do you see it in say One year from now?

We have very big plans for KiranaShopee.com. We are launching it in Pune in couple of days. We are also planning to integrate many things with it. We are planning to add many items on our website. So our site is going to have many things other than grocery items! 

Thanks Pankaj for sharing with us your thoughts. We wish you all the best in your venture & look forward to see more & more items on KiranaShopee.com! 

Do give KiranaShopee.com a try. You can share your experience / feedback below in the comments! 


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