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All of us are aware of the hundreds of 'Nagpuri' words that We Nagpurians have incorporated in our daily life. So much so, that we take these words for granted and expect non-Nagpurians  to understand those as if they are part of Oxford Dicitionary!

We received a long email of all such Nagpuri words, with their meanings, contexts and how to use each word in a sentence. Seems someone has spent a lot of time on research! 

Enjoy the list of Nagpuri Words.


kya bolte

How r you ? Howz life?.......
Answer should be
Maje Me Bawa means everything is fine
Bure Haal Hai Bawa means you are going thru some bad phase

aage building girengi

There is a building ahead. If you ask for an address to a rickshawala,
he will say aagge ek building giregi. Phir ek pool girega. A newbie at
Nagpur will get shocked to hear that so many things are going to fall

aav dekha na taav

do not sense/realize right or wrong (loose ones sense of logic)
eg.Aav dekha na taav us sale ko fod dala (I did not sense/realize
right or wrong...and hit him very hard/won the fight.


agar bagar joginagar

phrase is used for a girl who is very fashionable and talk of the area.


Meaning = One who takes the inititative or tries to lead (in a derogatory way)

Jyada agau mat chal.

aisi ki taisi

Aisi ki taisi is typically used in engg coll. it means something bad
happens to you, i don`t care..

Bey, ye T-shirt Burdi mein 300 ka milta hai.. tu 500..
Nahi na yaar, 500 ka hi hai.. lelo
Ja re teri aisi ki taisi...

allag sallag

Ekdum Khopache mein ! or for that matter Sumadi mein !


Abe kal tendulkar ne bahut angaar machaya.
Angaar machana(verb.) To steal the show


to steal something. e.g. salla usne samosa antaya tapri se.


Meaning = Us
Chalo apan chalte hai.


Used in Indora / Nari area it means a person who is always telling
lies or dosre ko topi pahnane wala


goon or something like that

bail or sand

bail (a bull) or sand (a buffalo)- a person who is big in built and
slow in activities. e.g apna bail nahi aara khalsa ko.


A girlish behaviour of Man/Boy.A very laidback and sedate in approach.

E.x Bailya ke tarh kaam mat kar.....


A moron

baja diya

to put a person to shame/ to win a fight or argument
eg. maine to uski baja diya

bajau kya kaan ke niche

U can get this if u r a nagpuri

bakar, bakar panti.

bakar means stupid talks that doesn`t have any conclusions.

Bey yede, kya kar raha tha.. padha nahi kya..
Nahi yaar, bakar mein time nahi mila (means those talks are more imp
than studies)

band baaja, baja diya/doonga

to hurt a person or win/overpower a person in a fight/argument.
eg.uska to maine band baaja baja diya!


bandal - telling lie

kya bandal maar rahe be

bas kya

Abe bas kya.
If any friend denied to lend some help, one can reply,
abe bas kya


old person, guy who is slow in his moments

bavan bavan

an indecisive person if asked to do a slightly challenging task will
do bavan bavan.
e.g...abe kya bavan bavan kar raha hai theek se kar na..

bawle, bawla panti.

bawle means stupid. bawla pan means stupidity...

Abe bawle, red signal hai, gaadi ruka..
Bawla panti mat kar, yeda hai kya.


Means `Beta Ram`, but used condescendingly with anyone, even to
somebody twice your age, if you are explaining the truth of things to
anyone, eg., `betraam, aisaich mat samajhna usko, woh ekdam khatarnaak

bewda / tanki / full tight

A person who is heavily drunk.


Means `abey` of normal spoken Hindi which is already explained by a
fellow Nagpurian in this URL, but Nagpurians can create a deadly
combination with other slangs. for example, hau kya bey, chop bey
saale (i.e., chup be), or, simply bey-bey-bey, hut na bey

bhaadya cha baayil

Honestly don`t know the meaning exactly. Heard this gaali during my
childhood in Nagpur, around Bharat talkies, Gaddigodam, Kamptee Road
and Sadar area. The bullocks pulling heavy carts and going uphill used
to face this barrage, apart from getting a big stick poking their
bums, but this choicest abuse is ritually used against fellow
Nagpurians too!


Can be used any where. e.g. Kyoon be.. bhakrya aaya nahi kya ab tak?

bhasak gaya

It means something unexpectedly went horribly wrong...
Typically i`ve heard programmers say this....Abe ye code Bhasak Gaya...


It is generally used for elderly people. It's meaning is "brother".

For example, Kya Bhau? Kya bolte? …or Hau Bhau…Kaam ho jayenga…etc

bhaw mat kha

Don`t act superior


This I use to hear from my friends in my school days (1975-76)without
knowing the meaning of it. Now a days I do not know wheather it is
used or not.Once we had gone for a picnic (if I remember correctly it
was a place called Pipla)my friends started calling BHMB when an
adolescent girl was passing by. Our Maths teacher started smiling and
virtually told us what BHMB means by which we got dumb stuck!The long
form of BHMB is Badi Hoke Maal Banegi meaning the girl will become
very beautiful (Maal) when she grows up.Even today when BHMB comes
into my mind I remember those innocent student pure days...Ah how I
long for it!!

bhok main jaa

Go to Hell !!!

Bhok main jaa...sir mat kha bevde !!!

bhokan tiklya..

A slang .. no literal meaning. Generally used while swearing !!!!

Bhokan tiklya...du kya do-chaar !!!!


Abuse used in traffic jams, meaning `having holes instead of eyes` Bey
bhokne, kai ko beech beech mein aaraa

bhosak dena

To Stab somebody..

Kal mominpura main kisne to bi .. uske bhai ko `bhosak diya`....


without any fear.
eg.maine bindaas khana khaya!
or maine woh kaam bindaas kiya!

born zhawi

The phrase taken from the famous pop singer`s name Bon Jovi... But
here its meaning is, a person who is a sexmeniac by birth.. lol


Bad Omen

Abe teri shakal dekhi `buari lag gayi` .. abe kaheka kaam hone wala hain !!!


plenty. e.g kal bum daru suta usne.


Too Fast...

aaj kay driver ne bus BUNGAT chalaya maloom...

chaddi main raih

Asking somebody to act within his limit -

Abe sale `chaddi main raih` kar baat kar....

chaka chak

something which smartly done.
e.g. if one ask,kay bhau kaam kasha chalu aahe? then other may
answer,ekdum chaka chak.

chamaka dena

to warn/threat somebody for doing a task.

Ex: Are wo Prajakta ne abhitak mail nahi bheja, Saturday Intv conf.
ka. Thoda chamaka dena bhai.


bewakuf...example = chaman chutya


a person with less height.


To find. It`s transformation of a marathi word, sapad meaning to find.
for ex. chapda kya paper ED ka?


A foolish/idiot person or a person having less intelligence.
eg.woh to pura chapter hai!


When simple talks become very lengthy, it becomes irritating. This is
called Charas in Nagpur. You can relate it to `Paka mat`.
e.g. arey, hate charas mat kar yaar..
wo saala bahot charas karta hai..


A smart person. ex. ek number ka chatrya hai Bhide.

chavanni cut

very short (military like) hair cut;meaning hair cut done in such a
way that it looks like a person from the military/armed forces.
eg.kya chavanni cut hair style kiya be tune!


Meaning: Foil the act or create nuisance example: abe chengad mat kar

chindi chor


chipaka de

to submit... usko documents chipka de.


the one who is not up to the mark like-
kya chivtya pana kar raha hai be or are wo to chivtya hai re bawa

chaman chindhi

pagal or mad


a young person compared to your age, specially those who work in
tapris and restaurants. e.g. chottu, do haap (half) chai leke aa.


Stupid..Chuttya he kya bey tu?????


Daav means someone on whom you have crush or you find itence.
e.g. Wo dekh apna Daav ja raha hai

dabana or thosna

to eat a lot. ex. kal Tanvir mein mast dabaya (or thosa) murg-musllam.


A weird and irritating fellow

dhaar marna

to pee


Literal Meaning: bottle stopper, lid
Slang Meaning: Stupid, unintelligent, brain-less, slow, dim-witted

Example: 1) Abe dhakkan, tujhe agar Liberty me movie dekhni hain toh
Amravati Road pe kya hila raha hain.
Translated: Stupid, if you want to watch movie at Liberty, what the
hell you are doing at Amravati Road (how boring)


Steal something and thinking(most probably) that an act of bravery has
been done.
eg:abe maine uska chasma dhap diya.
(This is what the meaning which I could make out during one of the
conversion which I heard;Any body can give the correct meaning if


A Fat Person, also name of large kancha/kanche


An ugly animal...

Ex: Kya re kale Dhor kidhar jaraa...

dimag ka dahi karana

if someone is already tensed and u try to make him angry with your
talk then he say, Pehalech khopadi out hai, dimag ka dahi mat kar or
Dimag ka dahi ho gaya lekin ye problem solve nahi ho raha

dosti ke naam pe do-do boond

to go to pee.e.g chal anya, dosti ke naam par do-do boond


Dharam peth, a busy street in Nagpur, fav. hangout place of the youth.

ek number

Meaning: Ultimate, perfect, of best quality

Example: 1) Poragi kay Ek Number aahe yaar!
2) VRCE sumorcha chaha ek number asato bhidu.

ek number

kiase chal ra mama
ans would be ek no

fate tak

Literally `till you burst` e.g., fate tak khaaya, etc.. heard in the
campus of VRCE mostly

fek mat

Don`t exaggerate or Don`t lie.
eg:jyada mat fek;mujhe sab pata hai(do not exaggerate/lie,I know every thing!)


a kick or punch, used to say this when we were kids e.g. ekich fight
maroonga na to mahal pohonch jaayenga.


It means to pass through some bad phase or an uwanted incident .
eg .. abe vaha pe meri gadi kharab hui aaur koi puncturewala bhi nahi
tha aas pas isliye mai purra fit gaya .


to equalize....another nagpuri term for this is muddal

fod dala

to hit so hard that it breaks-specially used during quarrel between two persons.
eg.Sale ko maine use fod dala
or  od dalunga sale!


galang is the word typically used in hospitals...

Kya galang patient tha yaar, chutiya panti kar raha tha...
Bhok mein jaane de..

ganga jamuna.

I won`t tell meaning of this.. please understand from the sentence...

Bey thak gaya tha mein, isiliye lecture attend nahi kiya...
Thaka kaise, ganga jamuna gaya tha kya...


means very loose person. e.g. kya gelya aadmi hai yaar!!


illegal thing


A very strong denial or completely disagreeing with the other person..

Could be used in various forms like...

1) Abe ekdum sahi picture hain baap !! Ghanta ..kaika ka sahi hain be....

2) Sala main usko ekdum fod daluga… !!! Ghanta …..aukat hain kya be teri…. !!!

`Ghanta` could also be replaced with "Babakji ka Ghanta" for similar effect




A blunder, a mistake.
Ex.. Ghpa kiya sale ne.

gheun ghe


gheun ghya, deun dya.

These are marathi words, but typical Nagpurian.

Gheun Ghya(Ghya in pure marathi), take it take it.. don`t shy..
Deun Dya(dya in pure marathi), give it.. don`t act to smart..

Bhau, i want to go to Ajni only na.. 30 Rs gheun ghya.
Yaar, meko bhi to rickshow chalana hai ki nahi, 40 Rs deun dya..

ghot lena

From Nagpurian Hindi `ghot` means `grind on grindstone`, meaning
`mugging up fully all the lessons` e.g., `Abey, main to poora chapter
ghot daala`

ghus jana

Ghus gana matlab it`s guaranteed that you will fail. typically used in
engg coll.

Kya re tapori, kaisa gaya?
Ghus gaya paper

gote fekna

A bowler who chucks, specially a tennis ball bowler. eg. unki puri
team gote fekti hai.

goti fit karana

Ex: Meine aisi Goti Fit Kiya, Tera kaam ho gaya samaz.

hai ki nai re bawa

Means `Am I not correct?`


Meaning = Yes

Hao kya?


yes. its not ho it is hao

hau na bawa, hau na...

Yes, I agree, I do!
Example: Nagpuri people don`t say just Yes (`Ho` in marathi, or `Ha`
in Hindi), they would put more stress on the word, and say `Hau`


A: Abe khaya kya ??
B : hau.

hawa nahin lagi

No Clue at all or complete tangent

Abe kal ka paper kaisa gaya...
ekdum bhankas `kuch bhi hawa nahin lagi` ..

hepallatya ke jawai

A person who is useless or who always ask other person to do his work


It means Bragging abt something..
e.g. Saala khup hepal raha tha Meaning: was bragging a lot


big worm


item - moron
kya item hai be woh?


show off

kya itra raha tha wo...

jama le

eat properly , agrah

eg: savji jama ra kya ??

ladki jam le {try to impress a girl}

jana be

rehane de. bakwas mat kar.

jemtems bond

A person who proves himself just at the last moment (it could be just by chance)


To have an arrangement

eg 1: Arey liberty mein apna jugaad hain. Tu bol dena kitni tickets chahiye.

eg 2: Aur tera jugad kya bolta?
(Now this example conveys altogether a different meaning. A true
nagpurian will surely understand it.)


to create trouble.e.g abe kaadya mat kar na be.

kaata (kaatna- verb)

To make someone pay for your expenses (movie ticket, petrol, food, drinks etc)

eg: Paise to mere paas bhi nahin hain, chal aaj samya ko kaattein hain.


A dashing person.

eg: Kya re kaatebaj, aajkal kidhar mahol kar raha hain?

kachipura ka hai

that means he is a gangsta

kai karun rahilas?

Meaning.. kya kar raha hai? in hindi.. this is used in nagpuri marathi
.. simple translation of hindi to marahi..


Kaka...In actual means Uncle....Example..Can be easily heard on Nagpur
roads when somebody not driving carefully....Eh Kaka Kai karat hai

kamptee ramtek

Means cockeyed eg.,`abey wohich na..jo senjanischool (means St John`s
High School) meain padta tha... aur kamthi ramtek tha..`


Marbles used by kids (gotya in marathi). e.g. chalra kya kanche khelne?


To beat someone. e.g kya kanpata re bawa mote ko kal..


Meaning = Feeling lazy, not inclined to the work at hand.

Padhie karne mein kantala arra mere ko.


Just get lost or go away


Heard around Mohan Nagar and Gaddigudam... meaning `what`s your problem, man?`


A person who eats a lot, especially with others` money. e.g. woh milya
khavadi ko leke mat ja re bawa.


A bankrupted person


Pronounce `r` twice. It is available in Nagpur paan shops. If you
don`t want to eat the betel leaf. but want only the masala that goes
inside, ask for kharra confidently. Way back in 1982, I was quite
surprised to find this word in Bhilai, but it might have floated from


everything that goes in a tobacco paan, except the paan, this is
served on a paper chit by the local paanwaala

khatra or khatarnak

In hindi khatra means danger, but in Nagpuri context it means it`s
cool. e.g. abe woh picture ekdum khatra sahi hai.

khilav or khilvile

used in context of food, it`s funny that it`s not a marathi word still
it`s used in marathi. ex ek samosa khilav na, Nilesh.




In the corner


means where?
actual word in marathi is `kuthe`.


that (foolish)person probably(I used to hear this word more often in
conversation during my childhood-now a days less used)
eg.tya lamchyane mala ghevoonach nahi gela!(that foolish person did
not take me along with him at all!)
Lamcha aalach nahi

lang lang

means na idhar ka na udhar ka,

abe ekto GRE de ya CAt lang lang mat kar


to agree half heartedly or disagree while listening to a
person.(lapetna is an act carried out during kite flying by wounding
the kite thread on the chakri)
eg.bol bol mai lapet raha hun!


something that keeps on troubling you. 

Iski to katkat khatam hi nahi hoti ....


This is what many of us love to do. Spending time worthlessly


Well, is there any way to describe this word? You just have to feel the word!

Nagpur Ek Number!!

If you wish to add to this list, drop in your Nagpuri words in the comments below!


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