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Nagpur's Biggest Mural at SCZCC

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Nagpur's Biggest Mural at SCZCC


If you happen to pass by the road alongside Vasantrao Deshpande Hall in the city you cannot fail to observe a large mural painting taking shape along the outer walls of the SCZCC centre.A Mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.The 60 feet by 12 feet wall in the SCZCC premises presents a perfect canvas for internationally acclaimed mural artist "Augustina Droze".

South Central Zone Cultural Center (SCZCC) in collaboration with Ayuda shilp, a city based NGO have organized Mural Art Festival in SCZCC premises.Ayuda shilp brought along Augustina Droze, who specializes in making large murals for this purpose. Augustina Droze is a painter and proprietor of Augustina Droze Mural Studio in Los Angeles, California.Her murals focus heavily on the ideas of symbolism, color, contrast, and dramatic light with an emphasis on organic subject matter. Augustina works with under-priveleged youth and communities on art and mural projects across USA and in India.Augustina has already made 111 meter mural in New York.

The main theme of the mural being painted in the city is based on Tribal Culture in India.This huge mural when completed will be the largest mural in the city depecting the culture and heritage of Tribal India.This project began on 9th of November.Many City based artists are also part of this project and are working alongside Augustina all day long to complete this huge mural in time.The Mural is expected to get ready by 21st of November. 

Once completed, this art piece will be a great treat for Art lovers.So Nagpur, Don't Miss to watch this memorable event.

Check out the pics below to see the work in progress:





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