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CWC Victory Celebrations @ Nagpur

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Nagpur's Rangoli Tribute to CWC Champions

The day when India beat Pakistan in the semifinals & when India lifted the Cricket World Cup 2011 after 28 years were the moments of national glory and the whole Nation went crazy with happiness. Nagpurians weren't left behind in these zealous celebrations : the WHC Road, Dharampeth saw the whole of Nagpur rejoicing & dancing, overcome with emotions!



The moments were unforgettable & we have captured them for you in photographs : 

March 30 : India vs. Pakistan (Cricket World Cup Semi-final)

India won by 29 runs

Celebrations @ Dharampeth, Nagpur. 

April 2 : India vs. Sri Lanka (Cricket World Cup Final)

India won by 6 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)

Celebrations @ Dharampeth, Nagpur.

Photographs By : Tripad Mishra & Chinmay Garway

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