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Nagpur's Colourful Heritage

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oldestmarriagebandA player from Nagpur's oldest Marriage band.

Every day in the city of Nagpur is an experience with the colourful and rich heritage of a city 310 years old (1702 AD -2012 AD). A little dabble of faith, a splash of beauty, a sprinkle of patience and a stroke of devotion are all experienced by us on a day-to-day basis. Our reader, Sachin Meshram has captured some such experiences in his work. Check out the pictures and enjoy life captured in a brilliant spectrum of beauty!

Futala/Telankhedi Lake :

The most frequented lake in the city, the futala provides something for everyone, from fishermen who come with hooks and baits, to families who come with their tiny tots to marvel at the scenic view and also love-birds who come to spend time with each other amidst the bustling of food vendors. As the sun starts on its journey of setting, the lake comes alive with lights and fountains and a wonderful string of reflections in the water.

futalatalavFishermen waiting patiently.



When the sun goes down, Futala starts shining.

Telankhedi Temple:

Built in a quiet spot away from the commotion of the city, sits this temple. It experiences a trickle of devotees now and then, with Mahashivratri being the main day for Shiv devotees to offer their prayers.


A Diya, burns brightly as an offering for the Gods.



Heads bowed in silent prayer.



Temple bells that announce the entry of a devotee.



A Shivling adorned with offerings.

Deeksha Bhoomi:

Deekshabhoomi is the historic spot where Dr. Ambedkar along with his wife and thousands of followers embraced Buddhism by taking the oath of Three Jewels and Five Percepts. It is the largest hollow stupa amongst Buddhist stupas. An idol of Buddha is kept in the middle of a hall. Deekshabhoomi has a “Buddha Vihara” where Bhikshus can live, which is right next to the Bodhi Tree; an ancient fig tree.


The buddha statue at Deekshabhoomi is visited by locals and tourists from Thailand and Japan.



The statue looks serenly over the Stupa



Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace- Gautam Buddha.

Photos by: Sachin Meshram

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