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8 Things to do during Monsoon at Nagpur

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Come June and the whole city of Nagpur wears a robe of green trees and new life starts sprouting with the rains. When it rains, it pours in Nagpur. The city looks its best during these few months of monsoon and is enjoyed by children,adults and teens alike! If you're wondering what to do on a rainy sunday, these should help you get an idea:
1. Vnit ka bhutta:
For most Nagpurkars, only the words “VNIT gate” is enough to get their mouths watery. Monsoon is synonymous with the delicious corn-cob or bhutta that is served by the “thellas” near VNIT gate. Just park near the gate and you will be tended to within seconds by the nearest “chottu”. This is the best spot in the city to enjoy the tender taste of sweet corn with oodles of butter and green chutney speckled to give it that zing!
2. Telankhedi lake/ walkers:
Civil lines area during monsoon is nothing short of a dream come true. On days when the rain is not too heavy, the best way to enjoy the day is to drive your two-wheeler slowly at the vast stretch of joggers’ lane, race your bike with friends near Telankhedi lake, stopping only to take pictures!
3. A piping-hot cup of Joe:
Nothing calms a drenched soul more than a hot cup of coffee or tea. A rainy day is almost an invitation for most Nagpurkars to hit the nearest tapri for a kadak chai. Not the best business days for café owners as it is very common for people to order just one coffee and hold down a table for hours.. but who can blame them! It’s Nagpur’s gentle breeze that sends everyone in a state of relaxation.
4. Curling up with a good book: 
On days when the world blurs out in a downpour and the steady sound of raindrops is all you hear, the biggest comfort is having a book that you can read after curling up in your blanket. This small luxury is an experience beautiful enough to make anyone feel on top of the world.
5. Oily, deep-fried food:
Two words; Preeti Corner. This place has the best comfort food i.e Samosa to make your day. Something about the weather makes you crave for hot samosas or crispy pakoras. If you haven’t eaten them, you haven’t enjoyed the beauty of monsoon.
6. Catch a flick at home:
If you have been saving your sick leaves at office, this time is the best to give work a skip, order dominoes at home and watch movies one after another with your puppy curled-up at your feet.
7. Rain dance:
In many tribal cultures, a rain dance is performed to please the God of rain. What better way to celebrate rain better than recreating the “rain-dance ritual” at your building’s terrace with speakers playing songs back-to-back.
8. Take a hike: 
 Put on your sturdiest raincoat and gum boots and go on a short visit to any of the tourist attractions located just around the outskirts of the city. If it is not raining too much this is best experienced on a bike. On your way back you can stop at a dhaaba to gobble down amazing food while you sit on a khatiya and enjoy the cool breeze.
Monsoon is best enjoyed when you don't have a cold to nurse the next day. Always stay raincoated!
What are the top things you like to do when it rains ? 

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