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Population Census 2011 and Nagpur

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Vidarbha Region Population in Crores

The Provisional results of the Population Census 2011 are out and Nagpur can surely boast of some very positive outputs from this provisional data.

Some Salient Features about Nagpur from the Population Census Report for 2011 :-

1. The Population of Vidarbha region is 2,30,03,179 and as per the previous census report from 2001(2,06,30,987) the popultaion of Vidarbha has swelled up by 23,72,192 in a decade.

2. Nagpur District is fifth in the state and largest district in Vidarbha region with a tota population of 46,53,171. Nagpur Municipality has a population of 24,05,421 as per the 2011 Census. 

3. The sex ratio in the region stands at 948 , an improved characteristic as compared to sex ratio of 932 a decade ago in 2001.On a state level basis, Nagpur district stands at 12th position.In 2001 Nagpur stood at 29th position statewide.


4. Another positive outcome for Nagpur region is the Decadal Growth Rate of population. It has come down from 23.74 in the last decade(1991-2001) to 14.39 in 2001-2011.Nagpur region added the least number of people in its population in this decade than any other.

5. Nagpur is nearing Mumbai in literacy Rate. Mumbai’s suburban district is the most literate area in Maharashtra with 90.90 percent literacy.Very close behind is Nagpur at 89.5 percent literacy and mumbai's Island city at 88.48 percent. Pune district, which is known as educational hub of Maharashtra stands at 7th position behind Amaravati, Akola and Wardha.


6. In 2001,literacy rate for males was 90.18 percent and that of females was 77.42 percent.This number is improved significantly in last decade(2001-2011) and now the male litercay percentage stands at 93.76 and that of female stands at 85.07 percent.

7. The density of population per square kilometer has increased from 411 in 2001 to 470 in 2011.

Author : Abhijit Ranade


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