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nagpur-universityThe Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) i.e Nagpur University, was established here in August 4, 1923, named after the famous spiritual leader - Sant Tukdoji Maharaj.

The University was started with six affiliated colleges and few courses.

By 1958 some new Departments in Arts and Social Science faculties were opened; the major expansion, however, came in 1963 when several science and other teaching Departments were started.

In later years, several career oriented courses have been started viz., Business Management, Fine Arts, Mass Communication, Library Science, Physical Education, etc.

Presently, the University comprises of 37 Postgraduate Teaching Departments (PGTD), three Constituent Colleges/Institutions (Law college, Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, and College of Education), and 439 colleges are affiliated to the university.

In addition to these, the research programs in almost all 37 Departments and three conducted Colleges are propelled through M. Phil., Ph. D. and Post-Doc.

The courses offered by NU are as follows :

1. Post B.Sc. Diploma in Applied Botany Diploma in Sericulture P.G. Diploma in Aquaculture

2. Post B.Sc. Diploma in Computer Sci. &Application Bachelor of Science

3. Bachelor of Computer Science

4. Bachelor of Science (Information Tech.)

 5. Master of Science –

i) Chemistry 
ii) Physics
iii) Biochemistry
iv) Micro Biology
v) Zoology
vi) Pure – Geology
vii) Botany
viii) Maths
ix) Statistics
x) Computer Science
xi) Electronics
xii) Environmental Science
xiii) Bio-Technology (Sem. Pattern)
xiv) Sericulture

6. Master of Science Tech. (Applied Geology)

7. Master of Computer Application

8. Master of Computer Science

1. Cert.Course in-

ii) French, 
iv) Telugu, 
v) Bengali, 
vi) German

2. Master of Mass Communication

3. Certificate Course in Social work

4. Certificate course in Library Sciences

5. Jr. & higher Diploma in -

i) English
ii) French
iii) German
iv) Russian
v) Telugu
vi) Bengali

6. Diploma in Oriental Learning

7. Diploma in Local Government

8. P.G. Diploma in Panchayat Raj Admn

9. P.G. Diploma in Video Programming (News and Current Affairs)

10. P.G. Diploma in English Teaching

11. P.G. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

12. Bachelor of Arts

13. Bachelor of Fine Arts

14. Bachelor of Social Work

15. Bachelor of Arts (Rural Services)

16. Bachelor of Social Work

17. Bachelor of Mass Communication

18. Bachelor of Library and Information Science

19. Master of Arts –

i) English
ii) Marathi
iii) Hindi
iv) Sanskrit
v) Urdu
vi) Gujrathi
vii) Pali and Prakrit
viii) Persian 
ix) Bengali
x) Linguistics
xi) History
xii) Economics
xiii) Political Science 
xiv) A.I.H.C. & Arch.
xv) Public Admn.
xvi) Geography
xvii) Home Economics
xviii) Indian Music
xix) Psychology
xx) Sociology
xxi) Maths
xxii) Statistics
xxiii) Dr. Ambedkar Thought
xxiv) Gandhian

20. Master of Fine Arts-(Appl. Arts &Painting) Sculputer, Drawing, Dance, Drama, Music (Classical Vocal, Classical Instrumental

21. Master of Social Work

22. Master of Travel &Tourism

23. Master of Library & Information Science (2 years integrated course)

24. Master of Labour Studies

1. Bachelor of Science (Home Science)

2. Bachelor of Interior Design

3. Bachelor of Cosmetic Tech.

4. Bachelor of Applied Electronics

5. Bachelor of Hotel Mgt. & Catering Tech.

6. Bachelor of Printing Design

7. Bachelor of Fashion Design

8. Bachelor of Textile Design

9. Master of Science (H. Sc.) :- 

i) Home Science Extension & Education
ii) Food Science & Nutrition
iii) Human Development
iv) Textile & Clothing
v) Resource Management

10. Master of Hospitality Management

11. Master of Cosmetic Technology

1. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Tech

2. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

3. M. Pharm. –

ii) Pharmaceutical Chemistry
iii) Pharmacology
iv) Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
v) Quality Assurance
vi) Industrial Pharmacy

4. M.D. in -

i)General Medicine, 
ii) Physiology, 
iii) Pharmacology,
iv) Obst. & Gynecology, 
v) Microbiology, 
vi) Pathology, 
vii) Social & Preventive Medicine, 
viii) Pediatrics, 
x) Bio-Chemistry,
xi) Community Medicine, 
xii) Radio-Diagnosis, 
xiii) Forensic Medicine, 
xiv) M.D. Chest, 
xv) Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy.

5. M.S. in

i)General Surgery, 
ii) Anatomy, 
iii) Ophthalmology, 
iv) Ear, Nose, Throat, 
v) Orthopedics

6. P.G. Diploma in :

i) Maternity & Child welfare, 
ii) Medicine, Radiology Diagnosis, 
iii) Ophthalmology, 
iv) Gynae. & Obst., 
v) Public Health, 
vi) Clinical Pathalogy, 
vii) Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 
viii) Child Health, 
ix) Othopaedics
x) Industrial Health, 
xi) Dermatalogy, Vernereology & Leprosy, 
xii) Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases, 
xiii) Anaesthesiology

7. M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery)

8. Master of Dental Surgery in :

i) Prosthetic Dentistry, 
ii) Periodontology,
iii) Orthodontics, 
iv) Oral & Maxillofical Surgery, 
v) Operating Dentistry, 
vi) Oral Pathology & Microbiology, 
vii) Oral diagnosis Medicine & Radiology, 
viii) Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry, 
ix) Community Dentistry

1. P. G. Diploma in Business Management

2. P. G. Diploma in Computer Commercial Application A

3. P. G. Diploma in –

i) Industrial Relation & Personnel Mgt.
ii) Finance Mgt.
iii)Marketing Mgt.
iv) Taxation
v) Office Mgt.
vi) Farm Mgt.
vii) Company Secretary Ship
viii) Co-operative Mgt.
ix) Bank Mgt.

4. Degree in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engg & Tech

5. Bachelor of Commerce

6. Bachelor of Commerce 

7. Master of Commerce

8. Master of Commerce (Professional)

9. Master of Business Administration

10. Master of Industrial Relation and Personnel Mgt. (MIRPM)

11. Master of Computer Management

12. Bachelor of Business Administration

1. Bachelor of Physical Education

2. Bachelor of Education

3. Bachelor of Physical Edu.

4. Master of Education

5. Master of Physical Education

1. Bachelor of Engineering in –

i) Electronics Engg.
ii) Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.
iii) Instrumentation Engg.
iv) Power Electronics Engg.
v) Industrial Electronics Engg.
vi) Electronics Design Tech.
vii) Electrical (E and P) Engg.
viii) Mechanical Engg.
ix) Metallurgical Engg.
x) Mining Engg.
xi) Civil Engg.
xii) Structural Engg.
xiii)Production Engg.
xiv) Industrial Engg.
xv) Computer Tech.
xvi)Computer Science
xvii)Computer Engg.
xviii) Information Tech.
xix) Mining Engg.
xx) Power Engg.

2. B. E. Part Time in –

i) Electronics Engg.
ii) Electrical (E&P) Engg.
iii) Mechanical Engg.
iv) Civil Engg.
v) Computer Technology

3. Bachelor of Engineering (Fire Engineering)

4. B. Tech. (Chemical Engg.)

5. B. Tech. (Chemical Tech.) in

i) Petroleum Refinery & 
Petro-Chemical Tech., 
ii) Food Tech., 
iii) Oil Tech., 
iv) Pulp & Paper Tech., 
v) Plastic & Polymer Tech., 
vi) Surface coating Tech

6. Bachelor of Architecture

7. B.Arch (Interior Design)

8. M. Tech. :-

i) Chemical Engg., 
ii) Oil Tech., 
iii) Petrochemical Tech., 
iv) Food Tech., 
v) Paints Tech., 
vi) Pulp & paper Tech., 
vii) Bio-Tech. Engg.

9. Master of Technology in

i) Environmental Engg., 
ii) Structural Engg., 
iii) Production Engg.,
iv) Electronics engg., 
v) Energy Mgt. system
vi) Mechanical Engg. Design
vii) Heat Power Engg.
viii) VLSI Design
x) Computer Science
xi) Industrial Engineering
xii) Integrated Power System
xiii) Master of Design (Industrial Design)

10. M.Tech. in : 

i) Geo-Technology,
ii) Production, 
iii) Electronics, 
iv) Structural Engg

1. P. G. Diploma in Human Rights & Duties Edu.

2. P. G. Diploma in Consumer Laws Any Graduate

3. P.G. Diploma in Cyber Law and Information Tech.

4. Bachelor of Laws (Semester Pattern)

5. Bachelor of Laws (Semester Pattern)

6. Master of Law 

7. B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)

8. Master of Human Rights Duties Edu. (MHRDE)

1. P.G. Diploma in –

i) Netrarog Nishananta, 
ii) Prasutitantra Nishananta, 
iii) Kaumarbhritya Nishananta, 
iv) Vikrutividnyan Nishananta, 
v) Swasthavritya Nishananta, 
vi) Panchakarma Nishananta, 
vii) Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana Nishananta, 
viii) Agadtantra Vyavhar Ayurved Nishananta, 
ix) Rasayan Vajikaran Nishananta

2. M.D. in –

i) Sharir Kriya, 
ii) Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana, 
iii) Kayachikitsa, 
iv) Vikrutividnyan, 
v) Kaumarbhritya, 
vi) Sharir Rachana, 
vii) Samhita,
viii) Ayurved Siddhanta & Darshan, 
ix) Dravyaguna Vidnyan, 
x) Manovidnyan and Manasrog, 
xi) Panchkarma, 
xiii) Rasayan Vajikaran, 
xii) Agadatantra

3. M.S. in -

i) Prasutitantra & Strirog, 
ii) Shalyatantra, 
iii) Shalakyatantra

4. M. Phil in the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Commerce & Home Science.

The above-cited formal programs are supplemented with following non-formal mode of education to cover local need based education.

(i) Training programs in maintenance and isolation of biopesticidal/ biofertilisers culture, effective use of micro-bial technology in aqua-culture farming, through Rajiv Gandhi Vikas Biotechnology Centre, Nagpur University, Nagpur. 

(ii) Extension activities through Adult and Continuing Education Programs.

WEBSITE : www.nagpuruniversity.org

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